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Tyler grew up on a small family acreage in the foothills near Corvallis Oregon called Thimblefield Farm. With a large vegetable garden, flocks of chickens and geese and a bevy of dogs Tyler and his brothers also began keeping honeybees, and raising cattle, and hogs when they joined 4-H. In addition, Tyler helped his dad cut firewood and selectively log to return their woods to oak savannah. These experiences fueled a desire to make farming his vocation and his parents thought it would be a fulfilling way of life for them as well.

While studying History at Oregon State university Tyler continued to pursue his passion for farming and in 2002 was accepted as an apprentice at Polyface Farm in Virginia. With the knowledge from his year of intense tutelage under world renowned sustainable farmer, author, and speaker Joel Salatin, Tyler moved back to Oregon and started Afton Field Farm in 2003 with his family. In 2008 after spending much of her engagement time in a “crash-course” in grass-based livestock farming, and searching for farm property with Tyler, Alicia and Tyler were married and for the past six years have grown Afton Field Farm into a leader in small sustainable farming in the Northwest.

During this past year, with their baby girl Sophia, the Jones’ decided to sell their business and move to Kelso Washington to partner and manage Cascade Farm.  Unfortunately, that opportunity surprisingly fell through after a short period of time.  Therefore, Afton Field Farm, is now back in the Corvallis area and able to provide our wonderful products to you.

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